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Avocados are a commercially valuable fruit and are cultivated in tropical climates throughout the world.
Trees are partially self-pollinating and often are propagated through grafting to maintain a predictable quality and quantity of the fruit.
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Donovan Family Investment has been growing Avocados since 1991.  DFI is a family business, owned and operated by Lachlan & Annaleise Donovan.

We currently have 300 hectares under trees, with Shepard, Hass and Lamb Hass being our major varieties, along with some Sharwil and Wurtz.  Our farms are located at Childers, Isis and at Bundaberg.  We also lease another farm at Bellthorpe on the Sunshine Coast.   Our Pack house is situated at the Bundaberg property, where all the fruit is packed and distributed.  We pride ourselves on quality, consistency and reliability, and by having a central Pack house we can offer our customers this year in, year out.

Donovan Family Investments is committed to ensuring that at all times our Quality Assurance Systems will be adhered to.  We currently have WQA and HACCP, along with Interstate Certification Assurances, with annual audits taking place to ensure the standards are met and maintained.
Quality, Consistency, Reliabilty
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Avocados show great potential for these Bundaberg growers
Lachlan and Annaleise Donovan have been growing avocados for the past 20 years. Former cattle and grain crop growers in central Queensland, they have also grown surgarcane and asparagus but only to supplement their income as they developed their avocado farms.
March 2011
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